Stefanie Allweiss

Stefanie Allweiss

Describe your style:
I hope my style can be described as creative and noteworthy, but timeless. A cool shoe and eyeglasses are essential. 

Favorite Designer:
I don't have one particular favorite because I love to be creative and prefer variety when putting together outfits. Some of my favorite designers at Pilot and Powell are Rachel Comey, Lisa Maris Fernandez and Rejina Pyo. 

Favorite Work Look:
I tend to dress for both my mood and the occasion/ events of the day. That can be anything from pants and a jacket, skirt and blouse, or a flowy, floral dress. 

Favorite Weekend Look:
I grew up in the 60's so a great jean or jumpsuit is always a go-to, but I do love a skirt and top on a hot New Orleans day (with jeans or a leather jacket.)

How Clothing Makes You Feel Powerful:
I find it great fun and a challenge to pick out the right outfit for the day, and my clothing has always been an expression of my personality throughout my career. I feel like I broke the mold in the 1980's when most business women were wearing suits (and I did have some too), but I would frequently come to work in skirts, pants and dresses, always professional. If that gave me a sense of power, then so be it.