Sarah Omojola

Sarah Omojola

Describe your style:
Eclectic, unique, colorful, comfortable and inviting. The way I dress frequently reflects my mood and my to-do list. 

Favorite Designer:
Alexander Wang
Isabel Marant Accessories

Favorite Work Look:
I aim to look professional but also unique. People think that lawyers are supposed to wear suits but I don't really like suits. I feel my best in a wrap dress with an eye catching print. 

Favorite Weekend Look:
Free flowing jumpsuits and maxi dresses. I like to simultaneously look awesome and be comfy. 

How Clothing Makes You Feel Powerful:
Clothing helps me project how I want people to view me as a professional and an expert. While I might be nervous about a big presentation or important meeting, wearing just the right outfit gives me comfort and allows me to focus on the task at hand.