Lakan Foster

Lakan Foster

Describe your style:
I have a classic, minimalistic approach to styling with a modern twist. So typically monochromatic looks with modern lines and shapes. These can be layered or worn along with a funky shoe and an eclectic earring for just the right amount of style. 

Favorite Designer:
Rejina Pyo
Rachel Comey

Favorite Work Look:
Comfortable, yet sophisticated. At least three days a week, I'm in a clean, rigid pair of denim and a fitted top layered with a structured blazer or a long coat. Always a great piece of jewelry and a statement shoe. 

Favorite Weekend Look:
My style is pretty consistent day-to-night and weekday-to-weekend. Typically I'll take my everyday look and dress it down with a fun flat or sneaker. 

How Clothing Makes You Feel Powerful:
I am a true believer that dressing with intention is a powerful thing with real results. It is only when I invest that extra time in the morning to curate my look that I feel my overall mood is elevated, my confidence is heightened, and my mind is strongest.

It is incredible and highly rewarding to see how much value these feelings add for my clients too as I help them transform their wardrobes.