Dr. Leslie E. Sisco-Wise

Dr. Leslie E. Sisco-Wise

Describe your style:
My style is definitely conservative but I love to add a twist with a fun detail on the clothing. My favorite example is a Bordeaux Roksanda skirt with a flash of blue silk underneath that shows when you are walking.

Favorite Designer:
Hard decision! Different designers for different moods/events- Marni, Proenza Schouler and Roksanda are my favorite splurges (with highlights on Marni), and my favorite everyday designers are Tibi, Apiece Apart and Ganni.

Favorite Work Look:
Three days a week I am in scrubs and Dansko's, so I only have two days to dress up- usually a simple Apiece Apart or TIBI dress with some great shoes. 

Favorite Weekend Look:
Depends on the event. Early AM I am relaxing in Lululemon. Daytime events- an interesting but easy to wear dress or jeans and a great top- Marni tends to have some of my favorites. Evening... it changes.

How Clothing Makes You Feel Powerful:
I feel the best when the whole outfit is put together- especially when my purse or shoes provide the "wow" to the look.