Christa Schwartz

Christa Schwartz

Describe your style:
Polished but approachable. Mostly solid colors. Lots of black and white. I like to mix basics/ classics with unique pieces that can be layered over time. I also appreciate tailored architectural shapes. 

Favorite Designer:
Rachel Comey
Proenza Schouler
James Perse
Christian Louboutin

Favorite Work Look:
Slim pant or skirt, tailored top or jacket, great shoes and I do love a good belt every now and then. Either all of the above or yoga pants and sneaks. I guess it depends on who I'm meeting with that day and if I've had time to change after carpool.

Favorite Weekend Look:
Jeans and a tee- All Cotton Everything during the day. Sunnies for sure. Anything with heels at night. Always heels. 

How Clothing Makes You Feel Powerful:
Every day is packed full of family, work, friends and events. The juggle is real and begins before sunrise and ends well after sunset. Most days see many different outfits. Feeling rightly dressed for each vignette gives me confidence.