Augusta Sagnelli

Augusta Sagnelli

Describe your style:
Slightly eclectic with a strong emphasis on color and structure. I love mixing vintage with my favorite modern designers. 

Favorite Designer:
Apiece Apart
Rachel Comey

Favorite Work Look:
A jumpsuit with a low heel ankle boot or cropped jeans and a graphic t shirt/ sweatshirt- something structured and stylish but always completely functional and comfortable. 

Favorite Weekend Look:
Statement top and pants- I love a matching set especially with a bold pattern or color. Also, I love a statement shoe to bring in an unexpected pop of color. 

How Clothing Makes You Feel Powerful:
To me, confidence is power- so being able to walk into a room in an outfit that I love and makes me feel entirely myself means I can walk into a room with a whole new level of confidence.

I am a New Orleans based commercial advertising and editorial photographer located at a shared studio space called Also Known As Studios. I create imagery for a wide variety of clients including fashion brands, celebrity portraits, interior designers and several local small businesses. 

Augusta Sagnelli