Alix Rico

Alix Rico

Describe your style:
I am petite so I am usually in one color head to toe. For this same reason I love a heel. I like a casual, elegant look, but sharply pulled together and well tailored. The edge is in the details, funky earrings or wild shoes. But don't pin me down too much. I love surprises. 

Favorite Designer:
I am really an omnivore! I love everyone from Zara to Ralph Lauren. I love to mix it up. That said, I love Marni, Loeffler Randall, Apiece Apart and glad to see Tibi has been added to P&P.

Favorite Work Look:
Cool, stylish and fun. I want to be approachable and unintimidating. I need to be ready for anything, as I may end up moving furniture or up a ladder. So pants, jacket or sweater, pulled together with a kitten heel if I am dressed up. 

Favorite Weekend Look:
Your weekend look should be your most authentic self. For me, jeans or leggings, sweater, flats and a great bag. On weekends I go a little tom-boy.

How Clothing Makes You Feel Powerful:
Being in a creative field, waking up to the creation of my look for the day is a powerful and dynamic entry point to my day. Tackling the which shoes with which bag choice gives me a great perspective on all those other choices in the day. It is a great start and keeps me feeling my power all day long.