Kathryn and Lizzie Fortunato

Kathryn and Lizzie Fortunato

Tell Us About Your Business:

LF: I co-founded my namesake accessories line with my twin sister(she's the director of operations while I oversee creative) back in 2008. We are founded on principles of mixed-medium craftsmanship and slow production, and our pieces have become beloved by editors, tastemakers and "original dressers" for their statement silhouettes and unexpected materials. The collection -- which is inspired by art, architecture, and travel -- are produced primarily in NYC, where we employ metal smiths in the diamond district and a team of women who do hand beading and assembly

KF: We are an 11 year old accessories brand based in NYC (where we do 90% of our production). We design, produce and sell high-end, mixed-medium costume jewelry and accessories (leather goods, hair accessories, scarves)

Describe Your Style:

LF: Classic with an element of being found and collected. I am drawn to simple classic silhouettes (the perfect boyfriend blazer or tailored pant) but always fall for a beautiful beaded or embroidered piece. I like items that tell a story and mixing wardrobe staples with eclectic elements

KF: Tailored and classic. I love layering with a printed silk robe (Dries) and plenty of Lizzie Fortunato accessories

Favorite Designer:

LF: Dries van Noten

KF: Dries Van Noten, Sacai, Proenza

Favorite Work Look:

LF: A high waisted jean, black boot, great blazer and necklace

KF: Cropped pants (Apiece Apart or Jessie Kamm), a blazer and loafers

Favorite Weekend Look:

LF: In the summer -- a SZ blockprints caftan with woven sandals. And in the winter: Jeans, golden goose sneakers and a Nilli Lotan sweater

KF: About the same! I wear lots of sweaters from Demylee and if I’m going out with friends love a Sacai skirt for dress-up